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As we embark on this groundbreaking, grassroots initiative, here are some ways you can help.

People have the desire and ability to work and create a good life for their family. It is our job to come alongside our people, build a relationship with them, and empower ideas they never thought possible for themselves. We don’t need to have all the answers, throw money at them, or try to fix them. We just need to be their friend–and really mean it.

– Justin Van Norman

Getting Involved

Become an Alliance Partner

If you are a business, church or other organization desiring to be a part of a coalition of change-makers within your community, please consider becoming a Northway alliance partner. Becoming a partner not only gives positive brand recognition to you, but also unifies us in a common goal for the betterment of our community. As an alliance partner, the team of Northway advocates for your mission as well, and partners receive special benefits from the services we offer, such as meeting space and catering. If your business or organization would like to become a Northway Alliance Partner, please contact us via phone or email to schedule a meeting.

Fundraise With Us

Rally your friends to join you in your goal to end poverty. We would love to help you create an inspiring event, project or idea that uses your personal gifts and passions to empower women. Whether donating your birthday or hosting a gala, we are here to help you create an experience that tells your story, asks for support, and transforms our community. Email us to get started with your next Northway Farms fundraising campaign.

Join the Northway Family

You are a part of this story. We belong together. Please subscribe to our email list to keep up to date on your Northway family. If you would like to offer your skills or services as a volunteer, please email us at or fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon. We are currently in need of those with experience in: administration, bookkeeping, construction, plumbing & electrical, food service, marketing, graphic design, and hospitality.

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