“You’ve been walking around this mountain long enough, turn and go Northway.”
– God, Deut. 2:3

From poverty to promise.

We don’t have all the answers, but we’ve got a few.

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Who we are

We are a family of survivors, volunteers, students, & community leaders who want to make our city a more unified, safe, & loving place for future generations. Our hope is to break the cycles of poverty, crime, violence, & exploitation in Central TX by employing, educating, and empowering marginalized women.

What we do

We offer a job, training, & family to women who live in extreme poverty due to past addiction, domestic violence, sexual exploitation, incarceration, or homelessness. Our farming operation creates opportunities for employment, training, & relationship through sustainable social enterprise.

Why it works

Our groundbreaking model of healing connects the giver to the receiver through social enterprise & holistic healing. Farmers of Northway are given love & respect in an atmosphere of dignity. Women will be provided with community support, job training, opportunities for advancement, a healthy workplace environment, a living wage, assistance with medical care, scholarships for education, safe housing opportunities, as well as counseling services, mentor partners, and resources needed for the future success of their family.

Meet the founders

In 2015, after Kasey’s aggressive cancer was finally declared in remission, the Van Normans decided to trust God fully with their dream of advocating & living life alongside hurting families in their community. Justin (an experienced ranch, ag, & animal science man) & Kasey (a bestselling author, teacher, & licensed counselor), hope to use their passions to inspire others to tap in to their own. The Van Normans (along with their 2 children, Emma Grace & Lake) have developed a model of healing they feel will substantially decrease the poverty population in the Brazos Valley and beyond.

Because poverty is not one-dimensional, neither is our plan. Our approach must account for not only the financial needs of a person, but also, their mental, physical, relational, spiritual, and emotional needs as well.

– Kasey Van Norman