“You’ve been walking around this mountain long enough, turn and go Northway.”
– God, Deut. 2:3

From poverty to promise.

We don’t have all the answers, but we’ve got a few.

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Who we are

We are a family of survivors, volunteers, students, and community leaders who want to make our city a more unified, safe, and loving place for future generations. Our hope is to break the cycles of poverty, crime, violence, and exploitation in Central TX by employing, educating, and empowering homeless women and children.

What we do


We provide safe and affordable housing to families living in extreme poverty. Our custom tiny homes are a haven for our homeless residents to rediscover hope, renew purpose, and restore dignity.


We are one of the only residential-employment programs in the country; offering our residents a living wage and workplace environment that promotes human value, hard work, and humble service.


People flourish where they are valued, known, and belong to something greater than themselves. This transformative program exists to love our homeless neighbors, while empowering the surrounding community into a lifestyle of serving those who are poor and hurting.

Why it works

Direct Giving

Our patrons and donors give in confidence that every penny goes directly to house, employ, and train a vulnerable woman with her children. There is no outsourcing on the farm—so whether you buy a batch of fresh eggs, enjoy a weekend getaway in our guest house, or share a delicious lunch with friends, your entire purchase goes directly to her.

Local Leadership

Whether you are a business owner, student, or mom seeking service opportunities for her children, our residents learn from and grow alongside you. Our residents become specialists and change-makers in their field of interest, while our volunteers make up their trusted support network of mentors from within the community.


Our restorative model of honesty and healing creates a powerful circle of belonging—changing both the giver and receiver. With one visit to our farm, her story becomes personal to you—a life seen, heard, and valued.

Because poverty is not one-dimensional, neither is our plan. Our approach must account for not only the financial needs of a person, but also, their mental, physical, relational, spiritual, and emotional needs as well.
– Kasey Van Norman