A Resident’s Journey

Apprentice (0-3 months)

Apprenticeship is designed to personally and intentionally care for residents in what can sometimes be a difficult or overwhelming transition. This phase is carefully tailored to the individual needs of each resident. Because residents have no cost of living and are learning new skills during this phase, employment is limited to part-time with heavy emphasis on educational, rehabilitate, and therapeutic hours. During Apprenticeship, residents work toward acquiring their essential paperwork (driver’s license, social security card, etc), and meet weekly with a counselor, community advocate, and finance advisor to establish debt payment schedule and future budget priorities. Supervised detox is available as needed.

Journeyman (3-6 months)

A Journeyman continues to explore their specific desires, dreams, talents and gifting, as well as uncover unhealthy belief and behavioral patterns that may be limiting their potential. In this phase, residents begin to find their rhythm with life on the farm, as well as balance co-existing as a family. Journeymen receive weekly hour and wage increase, as well as begin paying minimal, monthly rent. During this phase, additional time is given to counseling, mentoring, life skills and parenting classes, as well as frequent check-ins as a group. It is common for residents to experience extreme highs and lows as the reality of their past hardship and pain resurfaces.

Leadership (6-20 months)

Leadership Phase is an exciting and challenging time, as residents are encouraged to foster a lifestyle of service and selflessness with others. Leadership residents are not only full-time, advanced employees of the farm, but also mentors, advocates, and visionaries for the future of Northway Farms. Residents in Leadership take personal responsibility and ownership of all residents, volunteers, and patrons on the farm through service and skill training. Leaders host events, partner with new residents, and direct volunteer orientations. As a leader, residents tap into their unique desires, talents, and callings. With educational and training opportunities now available to them, leaders are welcome to pursue new professional ventures both on and off the farm.

Graduate (20-24 months)

As leaders approach the end of their 24-month residency, they work one-on-one with our staff to ensure a successful transition into the community for their family. Every detail, specific to their unique family make-up and need, is thoughtfully prepared and planned for. Graduates can look forward to working in a job they are well trained for and enjoy, while resting in the security of their homes, savings, education, therapy, and loyal network of relationships built during their time on the farm.