A look at poverty

While all injustices in our world are worth fighting, none can be resolved without first addressing the one factor holding them in place. Living dependently and deficiently drives a person to risk their safety and health for the sake of survival. Most injustice and pain in our world, (abandonment, abuse, addiction, human trafficking, or incarceration), are symptomatic of a much deeper infection-poverty.


A snapshot of poverty in Central Texas


people live in the Brazos Valley.


of our population live in poverty.


live in extreme poverty. (they are homeless).


of our poorest are 5 and younger.

The number of families with single female head of household.




live without access to medical care, healthy food or habitable living conditions.

Bryan/College Station is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation—creating extreme economic & social imbalances.

(We do not have enough jobs or housing to support our rapidly growing population)

Cost of living in Brazos County

1 adult + 1 child

Full-time job at minimum wage

1 adult supporting 1 child

-$2,515.00 to meet the basic needs of 1 adult + 1 child

How does Northway define poverty?

A person lacking the resources or relationships to enjoy a life of sustainable health in mind, body, and soul.

Why start with poverty?

At the most complex level, poverty is the result of a small percent of powerful people controlling the money, leaving a small percent of money available to the largest majority of people. At the most basic level, people need a job. Earning a wage is the opportunity to break harmful patterns of abuse and addiction. Without the hope of meeting basic survival needs, the poor will be less likely to thrive as leaders within their community. If we are to put an end to human violence, crime, and exploitation at large, there is no other place to start.


Did you know?

Any person(s) working a full time job at minimum wage will still be dependent upon government aid to meet their most basic human needs (shelter, food, clothing).


  • If you make $1800.00 or less per month = eligible for government food.
  • If you make $1770.00 or less per month = eligible for government housing.
  • If you make $980.00 or less per month = eligible for government health insurance.

We believe each life is designed with infinite value and purpose. What a joy to remind someone of that until they believe it.

– Kasey Van Norman